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Better Building Institute

A non-profit organization created to help homeowners:

(1) Improve home performance, saving money & lives.

(2) Build indestructible, zero-energy new homes.

(3) Reduce fossil fuel dependence & end climate change.


Why does Better Building Institute use an image of the Earth in its media?  Because even though the goal  is to improve home energy performance, BBI's ultimate mission  is to save the planet from the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Reducing energy usage not only saves homeowners money, it improves a home's safety, health and comfort, while also helping to end our dependence on fossil fuels, the main cause of climate change, all without  government help or interference!

Energy Consulting & Audits

can save you money, but they can also help save your home, your life, your family, & the planet!

High-Performance Homes

are regular homes on steroids.  Make yours more energy efficient & rugged for less than you think.

Training & Seminars

can show how energy efficiency helps home performance for owners & professionals.

Zero-Energy 'SuperHomes'

are High-Performance homes on steroids! Help us build the 1st SuperHome Education & Demonstration  center!